Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Whether we like it or not, the temps have dipped consistently to the single digits, and snow has begun to blow across certain parts of the province. And if the winter chill has you reaching for the cozy comfort of chunky knits and warm home-cooked meals, consider the fact that your home requires a similar level of wintertime TLC. To ensure your property makes it through this dark, damp season smoothly, there are a few steps to take to prepare for the deep freeze.

  1. Secure weather stripping on all windows and doors to avoid letting cold air in and warm air out.
  2. Seek out and fix any holes and leaks in your roof, floors, or elsewhere in the home to prevent pests from seeking shelter in your home.
  3. Drain and property close your spring/summer irrigation and sprinkler system to keep pipes from freezing, bursting, and making a major mess of your property.
  4. Clear gutters and eavestroughs to ensure a clean path for rain, snow and ice run-off.
  5. Have a professional come to clean and inspect your chimney and fireplace for consistent use this season.
  6. Add some much-needed humidity by installing a central humidifier or smaller, humidifier units to those spaces you spend most of your time like bedrooms and living areas.
  7. Make sure to stock up on plenty of salt or sand to keep your sidewalk and entryway clear for daily coming and going.
  8. Tune up or replace older snow removal tools so you will be ready to go as soon as the big storms hit.
  9. Cut back shrubs and hedges (and cover if necessary) to ensure they aren’t damaged under the weight of snow and ice.
  10. Take this opportunity to change the air filters in your home as more heat (and therefore more dust) will be forced through your ducts.
  11. In those dark days of winter, keep your home as bright as possible by clearing any obstructions in front of windows and by boosting lighting in dimmer rooms.
  12. Since you won’t be needing it again for a while, don’t forget to clean and cover your outdoor air conditioning condenser for the season.

Original article sourced from the Chestnut Park Blog

Feature image via Oakcrest Properties

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