Living Large in Your Small Space!

Just because your space is limited doesn’t mean you can’t live large. Following these 10 guidelines for living in a small space are sure to make it feel as though you’ve added a few extra square feet. Enjoy!

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  1. Declutter your domicile – Take back your space, no excuses. Especially in a small space, clutter can completely take over and make your home feel even smaller than it already is. Purge what you don’t need, it’s OK to be cut-throat.
  2. Stay organized –  Spend some time and money on a system that works for you and your space. Everything should have a pace to go. Ensure that you can follow this routine so that your place feels cozy not crazy. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but really it’s very manageable once a plan is in place.
  3. Double duty furniture – This is simply a must. When space is limited, you need to take advantage of every inch of your space that you can. Think bed frames with storage underneath, ottomans that double as storage bins, or a dresser used as a nightstand. Make your furniture work as hard as you do.
  4. Choose that colour carefully – With great colour comes great responsibility (that’s how the saying goes, right?). Become familiar with the properties of certain colours and what they can do for your space, before you take the plunge with that roller. Consider the amount of light, how you’d like to feel in that space and your room size to ensure you are making the best choice. A little research and strategic thinking will really save you in the long run.
  5. Those walls were meant for using – There is plenty of valuable real estate all over your home, not just on the floor. Shelves, cabinets and even simple pegboard racks can get your belongings organized while keeping them from taking up your limited floor or counter space.

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  6. Tiny furniture, big mistake – Just because your space may be small doesn’t mean you have to live with dollhouse sized furniture. Mix up the scale with a few larger statements pieces, or even some hefty artwork on the walls. It’s all about mixing it up. No, it’s not wise to have a couch taking up 3/4 of your living space, but you also don’t need to sacrifice your lounge-time with mini sofas. Take measurements before you go out furniture shopping, so you can work with your space and not against it.
  7. Embrace visually light furniture – This will allow you to have much more in a space without it seeming cramped. Ideas include hairpin, acrylics, or other airy styles that leave plenty of empty space around your pieces. Have a look below.

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  8. Cabin fever is real – No matter how decluttered, organized and airy your space is, it’s so important to get out of your space from time-to-time. Utilize the great resources in your neighbourhood like parks, rec centres, libraries, coffee shops, or any place where you can get away for a few hours. You don’t want to feel like a prisoner of your own domain.
  9. Be a clean freak (uhh within reason) – Dirt builds up terrifyingly fast in any home but in a small space it can seem almost like you are watching the particles form in front of your eyes. OK maybe that’s a touch dramatic. Schedule time to tackle the dirt, so you won’t feel like you are constantly pulling out the mop & bucket.
  10. Last but certainly not least, maintain a sense of humour! Undoubtedly you will encounter a few trying moments when living in a small space, but keep smiling and take pride in your beautiful small space.

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