Simple Energy Saving Tips

By September 22, 2014Blog, Environment Corner

It used to be that the only solutions for saving energy were limited to actions like turning off the lights when you left a room or keeping the front door closed so that you didn’t heat the entire neighbourhood. Beyond that, the resources for saving energy (and money) were very limited. Nowadays there are so many tools and energy efficient products that help you save energy without really making much of an effort. From compact fluorescent light bulbs to solar-powered chargers, the options are more plentiful than they were even just a decade ago. Appliances with the Energy Star logo on them are an other great way to save energy. There are some refrigerators that use less power than that of a 75-watt light bulb!  How cool is that?!  You can also get an audit done on your home to see how much power your home uses and where you can save energy. Here are a few other tips to keep your energy use low.

Of course, you still have to close the front door behind you and turn off the lights.