Questionable MLS photos

By September 19, 2017Blog, Real Estate, Selling

They say you’ll never get a second chance for a first impression, and that couldn’t be more true then when it comes to marketing your home. We live in an age where purchasers are doing their own online searching for their next purchase or lease, and  pictures become valuable in forming decisions to view or not. I enjoy the entertainment I get from some photos and descriptions that I frequently come across while on MLS. So I thought I’d share a few with you.

Unfortunately the agent didn’t bother to move their notepad or tape measure. And the homeowner forgot to make the bed.

These dogs are making their big debut. Not sure if this is a great selling feature of the home.

I’m sure this is a beautiful view in Spring… or Summer… or even Fall, but I’m not convinced this is conveying what the agent wanted.

Walk-in closets are a wonderful feature in any condo, but maybe next time the photo could be a little straighter?

Great … an island?

Perhaps a quick tidy-up next time?

Another room in need of a quick clean up.

It’s not only the photos on MLS that we find ourselves questioning, but it’s also the information contained as part of the listing. While doing research on properties I’ve noticed some pretty major discrepancies on various listings. It’s very much a snowball effect where one agent inputs incorrect information, then the next agent to bring the property to market “clones” the original listing (with those same errors) and so on. Not only that, but other agents may reference these listings for a similar property they have in that same building (mostly applicable to condos/apartments) and the cycle of misinformation continues.

I was doing my research in order to properly price an apartment in a condo building when I realized a handful noted the exterior of the building as being stone, some as brick, and others as concrete. Not only that, but the heating source and type were all listed differently (forced air, radiant, heat pump). I knew the correct information as I had actually visited the property before listing it, and any information that I was unsure of – I called the property management company!

In that same condo building I saw a listing which stated the condo-apartment had a balcony, when in fact the entire building is sans-balconies! Come on!  Really makes you wonder where they got their information from. What needs to happen is for agents to do their proper research and due diligence in order to obtain the correct information on all of their listings, as guessing isn’t an option!

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