Garden Suites: Answering the call for more low-rise housing?

By April 26, 2021Blog

Garden Suites could soon be a reality for some Toronto property owners.

What is a garden suite? Simply put, it’s a structure resembling a small house, that can be erected/built and located in the rear yard of your home. It does not require laneway access, as a laneway suite does. Instead, it can be next to other yards, a flanking street, private lane or open space. It can function as a separate rental or for family members aging-in-place. 

The Garden Suites proposal is part of the City of Toronto’s “Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods initiative.” The goal is to facilitate more low-rise housing in residential neighbourhoods.

What you need to know about garden suites:

  • They are not severable and remain under the same ownership as the main house
  • Water and other utilities will be serviced from the main house, connections to be set-up by the city
  • Also known as “granny flats,” “coach houses,” “detached accessory dwelling units”

Whatever you’d like to call them… they will help the city with its mandate to expand housing options in most central neighbourhoods. 

If you have an opinion and would like to share it, you can fill out this survey from the City of Toronto before April 30th.

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