Today is Earth Day! A day that reminds us all of what the Earth provides to us and what we give back to it in return!

If you are looking to do your part for the environment and improve your personal health, you might consider starting your very own vegetable garden. 

Whether you live in a condo 20 floors up with a balcony or a detached house with a large backyard – there are gardening options for you! You can grow in your backyard, your windowsill or in patio containers.

There are many benefits to growing your own food.  Here are my TOP 5 reasons:

  • It’s delicious, fresh, environmentally friendly – and right where you live!
  • One hour of gardening can burn more than 400 calories! Exercise that doesn”t feel like exercise…YES please!
  • Great way to meet your neighbours – share food, tips and gardening stories!
  • It’s safe! Know that your food is free of pesticides.
  • It’s cheap! A pack of seeds cost less than $2.00.

Getting started can be daunting. So,

Need more help?

The City of Toronto offers amazing resources and support for both beginners and veteran gardeners.

Young Urban Farmers is another helpful site.  They even offer a free consultation to come out to your unique space and see what gardening options would be suitable.